What seems to be a particular problem is that users often turn off the firewall themselves, under the direction of the tech support people, when they can just create a rule in the firewall settings to make the program work.

With a firewall in place, cybercriminals need some sort of permit to get into your network. For example, cybercriminals will try to breach the entry point to access your network by sending phishing emails that contain malware attachments or emails that contain links to malware.

The basic defense against these types of threats is to install anti-virus software in addition to regular training for your employees.

So if you’re looking to strengthen the security of your business’ network, look for support that includes regular, long-term anti-virus protection and employee training.

Today, threats on the Internet are updated daily, so every computer and device that connects to your network should have up-to-date anti-virus protection in place.