Beware of Catch Copy

Some catchphrases, while not false, must be read and understood dispassionately by the viewer. For example, copy such as “a company with a core of young people in their twenties” tells the real situation of the company. It is possible that new employees are leaving the company soon. Of course, the company may have just started up and is structured that way, but as a job seeker, you need to do your research beforehand. You can easily check the company’s quarterly report, etc., so please check the turnover rate. Also, “no experience necessary” is a phrase that is often used, but it is usually more desirable for companies to hire experienced people. Nevertheless, if a company dares to use such a phrase, it is certain that there is something behind it. One of the most common cases is when a company has a serious shortage of human resources and is hastily recruiting in order to increase the number of employees. In such cases, please be careful because you may be forced to work long hours after joining the company.