Changing Jobs for Middle-aged and Older People

I had heard that changing jobs in the middle-aged and older age groups is generally a difficult hurdle, so I decided to consult with a career consultant. When I told him about my career and asked him about my future prospects, he pointed out that my career was lacking in professionalism from the perspective of my age. After graduating from a four-year university, I joined a major company as a new graduate, and although I lacked a humble attitude, I was confident that I was living a better life than the norm. It’s not that I really wanted to change jobs, but as I was talking with old friends from my university days at the alumni reunion last month, I saw them change jobs and take up important positions in the company, and I got greedy. It is true that with a career of 8 years in general affairs, 4 years in general affairs, 4 years in clerical work, 8 years in human resources, and 5 years in accounting, it may be inevitable that I would be called lacking in expertise. I think it’s fair to say that I lack expertise.