What is aggressive growth in voice services?

The plans for the voice service line vary greatly depending on the completely different state. We believe that this service line can grow aggressively. Our plan here is to sell higher value voice services to core telephony contact centers. We are targeting companies that are having trouble managing their legacy infrastructure. This revenue stream has grown in the past, but with this plan, we hope to increase that growth significantly. This growth will be accompanied by the following
The need to invest in more advanced engineering technology to sell higher end products.

The average unit price has increased over the planning period, but this is due to improved functionality rather than price increases. This means that products with higher functionality are being sold. We also see investment in high cost geographic headcount (about 15 people per head) and high geographic headcount (about 15 people per year). This investment helps to support high revenue growth, but it comes at a cost. Gross margin is 25%, which is lower than the company’s overall gross margin.

Despite a significant increase in the number of units managed (40%), the gross margin is still 25%. A higher value service offering would look like this We spend relatively less on third party support without headcount, which used to play a big role in our basic services. This support used to play a big role in the more basic services that we used to sell. This is a big gamble for the business.

If the value proposition of voice services does not take hold with customers, this investment will result in lower returns than planned.
In addition, the delivery team is taking significant action to recruit and grow voice engineering support to deliver a higher value proposition.