Causes of wanting to leave the company

It seems that people often find it difficult to quit the company because of their relationships. It seems that there may be problems such as bullying, feeling cramped because a bad hierarchical relationship has been created. It can be said that there are various sizes, such as a small level that works well with a little patience, and a problematic level that causes great mental pain. When faced with these problems, it’s best to talk to your boss first, if possible, rather than quitting immediately. It is possible that you will be able to change your work content, review your work style, and change the department you are assigned to. On the other hand, if it is better to quit immediately, if you cannot solve the problem even after consulting, if the bullying is severe, or if there is a legal problem with your work style, such as too much overtime work. Especially during the trial period, it will not be disadvantageous for job change activities.