Thinking about Career Design in Your 70s and Beyond

As you think about your second career in the future, have you ever thought about changing jobs in your middle or senior years? When you think about your life after retirement, when will you acquire the labor force you will need in your old age? In a Japanese society that supports a 100-year life span, career design at different ages, such as in one’s 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, may give people the motivation to find their own way of life and support them throughout their lives as a way to improve themselves and design a lifelong career. In the future, many senior citizens in their 70s and above may be expected to play an active role in the world, so what methods should they use to improve their careers in order to become people who are needed by society in their 70s? Sharing such a vision with young people in their twenties will also be essential.