New cyber threats continue to appear every day and it is very difficult today to protect your network and data without the help of professionals.

This article will show you some of the basic protections that every business needs to have.

If you think about having your own router that connects to your modem, it is recommended that the router also includes a firewall.

A firewall is designed to prevent Internet attacks from intruding on your network.

The software attached to your router works to filter incoming data and block data or anything that shouldn’t be passed to your network from the outside world.

You can set it up to allow certain types of data and vice versa, if your business requires it.

Routers from major corporations

Most applications use business-class routers from major corporations, but these routers have sophisticated firewalls based on that company’s own industry-leading security appliance technology.

It’s relatively easy to set up and can be used by most businesses with default settings.

While setting up a quality firewall is easy, it’s nonetheless disgusting to see the number of small businesses that still don’t have a firewall in place.

In addition to the hardware firewall that protects your internal network and Internet gateways, don’t forget to make sure that the software firewall built into your operating system and servers is turned on.

This is often because some program or service required for a particular business is turned off because it won’t work while it’s on.